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1st Rest Day of the Connect To Protect Tour

Here I am in Westerville, OH, 6 days into my adventure, and I’m ready for this rest day…with good reason.  Here are my stats for the riding I’ve done so far.

Miles: 637.45

Elevation gain (feet climbed): 37,197

Segment 1 will be far and away the toughest 6 days of riding throughout the entire tour.  NY, PA, WV and eastern OH don’t have a flat spot…anywhere!!!  Downhills, which have always been a favorite of mine, were always followed by uphills.  After awhile, I started to look at downhills like the Grim Reaper.  But now we’re in the Mid West…America’s flatland!!  I’ll have some long mileage rides while in the Mid West but with very little climbing…wind.  Let’s hope the wind gods are on vacation the next two weeks!

Segment 2 has me riding 8 days before my next rest day.  I’m scheduled to ride 861 miles and climb 14,241 ft in those 8 days before stopping in Sioux City, IA.

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I decided to turn on the camera about halfway down this long decent…41 MPH may not seem fast but when you have 40 lbs strapped to the back of your bike, and you’re trying to avoid jetsam and flaxen laying in the road, it can raise your heart rate a little…love it!



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