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July 20, 2020 ecoturfconsult

Eco Turf Consulting, founded in 2019, is dedicated to creating Best Management Practices (BMPs), designed to preserve and protect water quality, pollinator and wildlife habitat on golf courses.  Over the past eight years we have been dedicated to creating Golf Course BMPs and educating the golf industry, particularly Golf Course Superintendents, on the importance of the voluntary implementation of Golf Course BMPs.  In addition, we have assisted in the creation of a national BMP template, used by all 50 states as a guide for creating state level BMPs.  Most recently, we have been guiding superintendent associations in the establishment and implementation of BMPs for several states.

Because it’s widely spread around the country, golf’s connection to the environment ultimately links it to a majority of people living in the United States.  Depending on your perspective, you may believe golf is harmful to the environment, or, you may recognize, particularly in urban areas, the important role golf plays in keeping open space in a city constructed of cement and asphalt.  Either way you look at it, it is undeniable that golf has a unique responsibility in helping to protect our water resources and, pollinator and wildlife habitat. Best Management Practices for golf provide a science-based approach to protecting water quality from potential risks.

The next step in Golf’s evolution toward recognizing its responsibilities related to environmental stewardship is to develop individual facility level BMPs.  Individual facilities can utilize their state BMP document as a template to help guide them in creating their own personalized Facility BMP Manual designed to address their unique environment. In fact, every golf course, whether it’s an existing course, an existing course undergoing a renovation, or a new course under construction, should implement BMPs.


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