Our love for the game of golf and the environment is well conveyed by our dedication to both.
We have been recognized as an environmental leader by various organizations within and outside the turfgrass industry.

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I have been conditioning golf courses for 25 years. During that time, I have been fortunate to work at some of the world’s greatest golf courses with some of the most celebrated Superintendents, Architects and Builders who have ever worked in their respected professions. It was these experiences, along with my time spent studying the teachings of the great master architects of the ‘Golden Era,” that helped shape my foundational expertise as a Golf Course Superintendent. I learned that each property has its own individual identity, created by the many variables that make up its individuality. Determining the best possible approach to highlight its unique features through exact maintenance standards, while ensuring environmentally sound programs are employed, is a combination of art and science, where art formulates the vision, and science institutes the plan.

Good Work Is Hard & Hard Work Is Good

My love for the game of golf and environment is well conveyed by my dedication to both through leadership opportunities I’ve pursued within various highly regarded golf associations. As a highlight, I spearheaded the development of the New York State Best Management Practices initiative which received acclaim among New York State regulators and legislators and has helped give the game of golf a prominent voice in New York state government at a time when the pressure to create exceedingly restrictive environmental legislation has become the predisposition. This initiative has also received a high level of national acclaim within the golf industry and has served as a model for other state led BMP initiatives throughout the United States.



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What Our Partners Say

“Thanks to Ken’s initiative, Golf Course Superintendents across the country are able to rely on the guidance of the Golf BMP document for protecting the environment as an important part of their daily decision making. For over a decade, his desire to protect clean water, our most precious asset, has been a driving force in his leadership and development of the BMP’s and the New York Golf Course Foundation. I am confident that with Ken’s vast knowledge and experience of environmental related issues, the NYGCF Board is in great hands for many years to come.”

Blake Halderman, CGCS, Brae Burn Country Club, Purchase, New York

“Ken’s leadership and enthusiasm for the BMPs for New York State and golf courses across the country is unsurpassed. He has been instrumental in getting BMP documents published and disseminated to golf course superintendents. The town of Bedford is ecstatic that we use the BMP document constantly to insure we are adhering to the wetland requirements and standards set forth by the town of Bedford.”

Robert Nielsen, CGCS, Bedford Golf and Tennis, Bedford, New York



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